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This is an encyclopedia about...well...I think its kinda obvious, but for the people who aren't the sharpest razors out there (if ya know what I mean) this is an encyclopedia about UTAUloids. I'm just kidding about the razors and stuff but...seriously...its RIGHT there...Okay, enough about the people who don't know what this site is about. This encyclopedia will have the "official" UTAUloids and the...kinda..official ones...^^;

Article of the WeekEdit


Yokune Ruko

Yokune Ruko (よく寝る子) is model 65. She appears to be female but no one really know considering she has both female and male voice banks. She has black hair with blue streaks. She also has Heterochromatic eyes. One is red and one is blue. She wears a sleeveless white shirt covered by a dark blue sleeveless coat with cut-off sleeves and one white glove. She also wears low cut pants showing part of her underwear.

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